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The Mind, Body and Tail benefits
From head to tail, massage can affect the many different levels of an animal.  Not only does the body gain benefit from massage by aiding in relaxing tight, achy muscles, but can also have an effect on the mind by helping the body to produce pain-relieving endorphins. My focus is providing maintenance massage for senior dogs and cats, differently abled animals, canine athletes and post-surgery and preventative support for your beloved pets. 

"Susan is wonderful & has a calming way with her clients. Amba went from treat centred sessions to keep him settled to calmer, no treat sessions!  If you haven’t thought about massage for your pets, what are you waiting for?  Talk to Susan about the health benefits for recovering and/or aging pets."

- Ruby B.
What pets benefit from massage?

Just like humans, cats and dogs encounter both physical and emotional stress in life. If your pet is geriatric, athletic, has experienced recent change in its environment, has had an injury or surgery, they would be a great candidate for massage. Other stresses can include things like moving to a new home, visiting the vet, rough play at the dog park, or simply slipping or falling while going about their daily routine.


"Last week I was lucky enough to get my first professional canine massage. My parents recently became aware of the health benefits of regular massage therapy for me - it helps me to relax, helps to improve my joint flexibility, helps provide relief from soreness, muscle tension, etc., and it does so much more! It’s also really wonderful that my massage therapist is my pal Lola’s Mom (Auntie Susan) - she’s one of my favourite humans and Lola’s one of my favourite pugs! . Vancouver friends, if you’re interested in canine massage therapy and the amazingness that my Auntie Susan can provide please contact her! You’ll thank me that you did!"
- Tacoma The Malamute Husky X (Instagram: @cocobups)
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